Welcome to the SW Interclub league for 2015

Even though we are not able to host an event ourselves, DGS have been invited into the league for this year. One change to the rules that we have the accept is that since we are not able to host an event (as are Shalborne), we are not able to carry forward scores to the following event. We can however be ranked for the day, so we can still compete!

The dates for this year are as follows:
  • 09-10 May: Upavon (Wyvern Gliding Club)
  • 23-24 May: Keevil (Bannerdown Gliding Club)
  • 13-14 June: The Park (Bath and Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club)
  • 4-5 July: Halesland (Mendip Gliding Club)
  • 25-26 July: North Hill (Devon and Somerset Gliding Club)
  • 15-16 August (Reserve Weekend)

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